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Physicians and Providers

A Collaborative Way to Deliver
Better Health and Care

Physicians and Providers

A Collaborative Way to Deliver Better Health and Care

We are Michigan’s premier clinically integrated network, providing the resources to create value for patients and network members. We act as a contracting entity for new population-based contracts that aren’t typically available to individual provider organizations.

We offer participation in contracts that bring your practice new patients along with better reimbursements for current patients. Together Health Network is a care model that supports your practice’s care management and provides access to resources such as best practice sharing in innovative new technologies.

Retain your control Together Health Network works with physicians from a variety of settings to create, measure, and improve quality. We utilize network standards to help ensure patient care is delivered more consistently by the right providers in the best setting at the best cost. As a result, our network physicians enjoy the best of both worlds: maintaining their practice independence and continuing to work with their physician group while accessing the resources and expertise afforded by a major health network.

Why Joining THN Makes Sense for Physicians

Partnering with Michigan Medicine

Together Health Network connects physicians and providers across the state, positioning them to move into new value-based contracts. We enable, facilitate, and accelerate their efforts to improve health and care by developing relationships that provide patient-centered care. By doing so, we:

Execute Value-Based Risk Contracts (contracts with providers where a portion of the provider’s total potential payment is tied to performance on cost-efficiency and quality measures) that provide incremental patient volume and incremental revenue for new and existing contracts.

Enable development of population health capabilities building upon best practices for health and care.
Provide data analytics to identify and stratify patients with the greatest need for health care.

Pilot innovative care strategies that improve care coordination and patient outcomes, access, and experiences.

Collaborate with partners across the state.