Our Network

Relationships Matter. Together Health Network’s objective is to improve both health and care for Michigan residents by facilitating relationships within its network of health systems, insurers, patients, and health providers. All of these relationships are vital to improving the population's health, and to supporting the health and care of patients as well as providers, insurers, and employers. At the core of Together Health Network’s culture are clinicians connected by a common purpose and meaning; they lead the team-based care approach, which is based on a shared commitment and vision of positive outcomes. Our network has a demonstrated track record of providing high-quality, low-cost care.

Hospital Providers & Locations

Our network has a demonstrated track record of providing high quality, low cost care and consists of:

Primary care provider network teams who work with patients to coordinate care, remove clinical and nonclinical barriers to care, and help connect patients with community resources
Specialists across a wide range of clinical areas who coordinate each patient’s care with the primary care team
Outpatient facilities including rehab, imaging, and surgery centers
Experienced, respected inpatient facilities that provide the best care, are well respected and committed to the health of their communities
Ancillary and post-acute providers to ensure that there are smooth transitions between care settings
Consult our list below, as we will continue to update and broaden our provider network over time.