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Keeping your child healthy this school year.

Getting your kids ready and keeping them healthy this school year can take a bit more than simply getting the booster shots and filling out medical forms. To give them the best possible start begin now to have them physically ready to meet all the wellness challenges they could encounter this year.
Sleep as a preventative
By far the most important school health issue for most kids is getting enough sleep, roughly 10-11 hours for elementary school-age children. It’s not always easy to make a child’s sleep patterns mesh with their school schedule. It’s a big adjustment for most kids. In many cases, a nap when they arrive home can help revive them. Or, just some quiet time with TV can help.
Test eyes and ears
You can’t expect a child to learn if they’re unable to hear the teacher or see the blackboard. Make sure your pediatrician screens them for vision and hearing problems. Never assume your child’s vision is 20/20 or their hearing is perfect without a thorough check-up.
Meals at school
Eating in unfamiliar, new surroundings is sometimes difficult for kids; time and other distractions during lunchtime can place a healthy appetite on hold. That’s why a protein-filled breakfast is always a good insurance policy for what they may end up being just nibbling at lunch. And, since mom and dad are important role models when it comes to eating habits, think about having breakfast with them before the school day begins.
Bathroom breaks
Adjusting to the classroom environment isn’t always easy, especially for a child who’s embarrassed about asking permission to use the bathroom. Consider scheduling regular bathroom breaks at home so they get accustomed to going when directed. You may also want to speak with their teacher if there are issues with your child’s bathroom habits.
Scrub ‘em up
School brings new friends, activities, loads of new germs and an increased chance for infections. Teach your kids the value of washing their hands and you’ll be further ahead in protecting them from unwanted bacteria exposures.
Proactive care, quicker than ever
With the introduction of virtually enabled care, now it’s easier and more convenient than ever to have access to health services for most common school ailments. Avoid sitting in waiting rooms, trying to schedule appointments or long drives to urgent care clinics. Instead, your doctor visit can be handled right on your smart phone or computer. To find out how easy this can be for you save time, money and school year stress, visit to start your online visits.