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e-Visits: just what the patient ordered.

Sometimes getting to your doctor’s office is just too difficult, whether you’re managing sick children, juggling a demanding work schedule or so completely under the weather it’s challenging to go anywhere. That’s why Together Health Network offers e-Visit, an online, video meeting with your participating primary care physician.

e-Visits are a perfect solution for non-urgent illnesses or injuries. Plus, an e-Visit is not only convenient, it’s affordable. The cost is $49 and can be charged to your credit card, or, in some instances, covered by your health care insurer.

e-Visit improves access to care for patients suffering from symptoms such as colds and flu, seasonal allergies, skin rashes, joint aches, ear discomfort, sprains and strains or nausea. More severe problems still require a visit to your doctor’s office.

Here’s how an e-Visit works. Patients simply call their physician’s office to see if they participate. Sign-ups for access are done by enrolling on MDLVE and then activating your account with a user name and password. You are then able to make an appointment, often within an hour of contacting your doctor’s office. And, e-Visit is a perfect complement to Together Health Network’s other virtual care service, On Demand Care, an online 24/7 virtual alternative to urgent care.

Virtual care will expand access and improve patient experiences. Bricks and mortar serve most patients currently, but today’s mobile customer may want to skip face-to-face encounters in favor of more convenient virtual care services like e-Visit. According to a recent Nielsen study, 78% of consumers say they would be interested in receiving virtual health services, but only 1 in 5 has had that opportunity.

Dr. Google and all virtual care services won’t replace the value of a visit to your doctor’s office, but skipping a line in the waiting room in favor of a more convenient setting is something we expect to become the norm.

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