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Virtually enabled care fills an important need with behavioral health services.

Increasing access to care
Lack of convenient access to behavioral health services plus a shortage of mental healthprofessionals has been a barrier for individuals needing counseling. In addition, people in rural locations or with demanding schedules often find it difficult to obtain the services necessary for behavioral conditions. Together Health Network, through its network of providers, now offers virtual care services for those seeking behavioral health assistance. Virtually enabled care via
smartphones or computers is a perfect vehicle for helping more patients to easily access care for certain behavioral issues.

Addressing mental health like heart health
Just like other critical symptoms such as cardiovascular conditions, behavioral health issues, left untreated, can become chronic and even life threatening. Confidential online therapy sessions can help patients manage changes and challenges in their lives by making it easier to get professional help from the comfort of their own home, school or workplace. Licensed counselors or psychiatrists can see patients via phone or secure video to provide affordable, confidential therapy for a variety of behavioral health needs.

Behavioral health care via communication technology facilitates counseling for patients who might otherwise become more vulnerable to disorders affecting their lives like addictions, depression, stress, PTSD and many other overwhelming behavioral challenges. Treatment access and convenience are two major advantages that can help patients get the care they need easier and faster than ever before.

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