New ways for treating SAD: seasonal affective disorder.

January 31, 2019- With shorter days, sunlight scarce, many of us respond by planting ourselves in front of the TV or simply pulling the covers up over our heads. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a category of depression that emerges mostly during long winter months. Symptoms may begin in the fall when we shift our daylight saving clocks, but some may even experience a spring/summer version. Several factors appear ....Read more

This flu season, don’t be the victim.

January 30, 2019- We’re officially in 2019’s flu season. According to the Center for Disease Control, 24 states are now classified as having widespread flu issues. Flu activity generally increases each year in October, peaks from December to February, and persists into May. Last year’s flu season was particularly bad, resulting in almost 49 million reported illnesses and more than 79,000 flu-related deaths. Whil....Read more

Overcoming a stigma status for behavioral health with virtual care.

January 29, 2019- Making behavioral health a priority is easier said than done. From stigmas surrounding mental illness to lack of affordable and accessible care, there are often multiple health care obstacles for people to get the help they need. However, with resources like apps for self-care and virtually enabled care, technology is helping to make behavioral health care more accessible for everyone. Those suffering....Read more

Together Health Network Launches Virtual Care Website

January 25, 2019- Michigan’s largest clinically integrated network makes accessing its care network easier. Southfield, MI –January 24, 2019, Together Health Network ( Southfield-based Together Health Network now offers another way for patients to easily access their statewide clinically integrated network 24/7 at According to Together Health Net....Read more


January 25, 2019- More than one-third of American adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis according to the Center for Disease Control. In fact, it’s now a public health epidemic, with research linking a lack of shut-eye to a number of health-related problems. Cognitive functions can be impaired, making us more likely to overreact. Our emotional intelligence is degraded, so we’re also more likely to be irrita....Read more

Handling post-holiday depression.

January 4, 2019- Holidays are often a time for celebration and reconnecting with family, friends, and faith. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, TV specials, music, and ads remind us it's the “most wonderful time of the year.” However, the holidays can be a difficult, stressful time for many people. Those responsible for planning, shopping cooking, and preparing for the holidays – men and women may feel the burden....Read more

Virtually enabled care fills an important need with behavioral health services.

December 7, 2018- Increasing access to care Lack of convenient access to behavioral health services plus a shortage of mental healthprofessionals has been a barrier for individuals needing counseling. In addition, people in rural locations or with demanding schedules often find it difficult to obtain the services necessary for behavioral conditions. Together Health Network, through its network of providers, now offers virt....Read more

Behavioral Health Challenges on Campus

November 16, 2018- Being away from home for the first time, access and personal decisions about alcohol and drugs, financial concerns and the rigorous demands of academic life can all lead to anxiety and depression. For an increasing number of students, college can feel like a pressure cooker. Anxiety and depression rates sky rocket over the past two decades According to a TIME magazine article, students have greater....Read more

Why more employers offer virtual healthcare for their employees

November 15, 2018- Not so long ago, many mid-sized and large employers paid to have limited medical services on-site. Today, with virtually enabled health services, almost any business owner, small or large, can offer easy, convenient and consistent access to Ascension or Trinity Health care providers. Virtually enabled healthcare facilitates 24/7 consultations with medical services via a computer, smartphone or other....Read more

Breaking down the healthcare benefits and what you need to know before signing up

November 12, 2018- SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - It’s open enrollment season and that time of year when most people are signing up for their annual health coverage at work. However, making the right choice for coverage is not always easy. In fact, some people are totally confused about what's best for them as individuals or for their families. If you’re pulling your hair out as you sit down and try to sign up for you....Read more