Virtually enabled care fills an important need with behavioral health services.

December 7, 2018- Increasing access to care Lack of convenient access to behavioral health services plus a shortage of mental healthprofessionals has been a barrier for individuals needing counseling. In addition, people in rural locations or with demanding schedules often find it difficult to obtain the services necessary for behavioral conditions. Together Health Network, through its network of providers, now offers virt....Read more

Behavioral Health Challenges on Campus

November 16, 2018- Being away from home for the first time, access and personal decisions about alcohol and drugs, financial concerns and the rigorous demands of academic life can all lead to anxiety and depression. For an increasing number of students, college can feel like a pressure cooker. Anxiety and depression rates sky rocket over the past two decades According to a TIME magazine article, students have greater....Read more

Why more employers offer virtual healthcare for their employees

November 15, 2018- Not so long ago, many mid-sized and large employers paid to have limited medical services on-site. Today, with virtually enabled health services, almost any business owner, small or large, can offer easy, convenient and consistent access to Ascension or Trinity Health care providers. Virtually enabled healthcare facilitates 24/7 consultations with medical services via a computer, smartphone or other....Read more

Breaking down the healthcare benefits and what you need to know before signing up

November 12, 2018- SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - It’s open enrollment season and that time of year when most people are signing up for their annual health coverage at work. However, making the right choice for coverage is not always easy. In fact, some people are totally confused about what's best for them as individuals or for their families. If you’re pulling your hair out as you sit down and try to sign up for you....Read more


October 18, 2018- The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat and sometimes the lungs. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to hospitalizations or even death. The first and most important step to prevent flu is to get a flu vaccine each year. Flu vaccine has been shown to reduce flu-related illnesses and the risk of serious flu complications. ....Read more

A conversation on healthcare’s market dynamics with Together Health Network’s President and CEO Dr. Scott Eathorne

October 10, 2018- A slew of corporate actions aimed at reconfiguring healthcare in the U.S. are underway now that Apple, Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway are entering the healthcare market to improve patient access and cost. Companies like Google and Uber have professed interest in getting involved as well. What do these companies have in common? All are successful consumer-facing solutions that have disrupted consumer acces....Read more

Together Health Network Names New Board Members

October 8, 2018- Michigan’s largest clinically integrated network adds two new members to its Board of Directors. Southfield, MI –October 8, 2018, Together Health Network Southfield-based Together Health Network today announced that Joseph Cacchione, MD, FACC and Mark LePage, MD, MBA have joined the organization’s Board of Directors. According to Scott Eathorne, MD, President and CEO of Together Health Network,....Read more

Help Your Child Have A Healthy Freshman Year At College

October 2, 2018- Leaving home for the first time, learning to live with roommates and embracing self-discipline while surrounded by new distractions may be the easy challenges for college freshmen. For many, this is the first time they will schedule medical appointments, fill prescriptions and make decisions about their own health care. But, with a little planning and parental guidance, college can be an opportunity for ....Read more

For consumers, virtual care means CONVENIENCE.

October 2, 2018- The benefits of virtually enabled health care are numerous and tangible but for most consumers, it’s all about the convenience. Technology has enabled us to have fast, easy and improved access to a wider range of goods and services. We shop online, stay in touch via social media, participate in online communities, and consume news, entertainment and other information online. It stands to reason that ....Read more

Keeping your child healthy this school year.

September 17, 2018- Getting your kids ready and keeping them healthy this school year can take a bit more than simply getting the booster shots and filling out medical forms. To give them the best possible start begin now to have them physically ready to meet all the wellness challenges they could encounter this year. Sleep as a preventative By far the most important school health issue for most kids is getting enough sl....Read more